Posted by: Alex MacPhee | August 12, 2011

LEC Table-top Fridge


Lec R5009W 50cm table top fridge, 48L capacity

I needed a small fridge that could be stored in an out of the way corner, to hold my supplies of photographic film, which at the time were clogging up the kitchen fridge and the freezer, and leading to domestic disharmony. This LEC fitted the bill well.

It has a temperature control marked on a scale of 1 to 6. On mine, the ‘6’ setting (the coldest) gives a temperature of 0C (32F). Although I haven’t timed it precisely, the fridge does take a long time to equilibrate to a new setting, perhaps a day or so. It is advisable not to keep the door open too long, as the temperature will begin to rise — I checked this with a reliable thermometer. There is one adjustable foot, which ensures its stability on uneven surfaces. The coolant motor can be heard when the room is quiet, but the noise level is unobtrusive.

It is economical to run, drawing around 0.3kWh per day, which is around 2/3rds that of my (Bosch) kitchen fridge. The capacity, of course, is significantly smaller. There is no internal light, though that is not a significant omission, since the internal volume is small and everything is a hand-reach away.

Pay heed to the instructions which advise leaving the appliance in situ for a day before turning on. The same caveat applies if you subsequently move the fridge to another location. I did move it once and only allowed a couple of hours before turning back on, and the coolant fluid could be heard gurgling incessantly, and the temperature wouldn’t fall. I’d to turn it off again and leave it a full day. Thereafter, it behaved as it should.

This little fridge satisfied my need exactly, and was worth the price paid (£100).


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