Posted by: Alex MacPhee | June 13, 2013

PolarCell Battery (M-S1) for Blackberry

PolarCell battery for Blackberry

This has been twice a disappointment.

When the battery arrived, it would not charge, either in the Blackberry or on an external charger. After fourteen solid hours of charging it still showed no life, and the Blackberry reported a faulty battery attached. A digital multimeter showed it to be completely dead, with not a single electron passing between cathode and anode. On reporting the problem, the vendor’s less than helpful suggestion was that I was trying to install and charge the battery while it was still in its original packaging!

The vendor, cellePhone e.K. (trading  on Amazon Marketplace), promised a replacement battery and a refund of the return postage. Some weeks later, the replacement battery arrived. For the first couple of days, it held a good charge, but within days of very light usage, the battery’s discharge rate deteriorated markedly, and is now, after only three weeks, worse than the three year old Blackberry battery it replaced.

The battery is an extremely tight fit, and cannot easily be removed by fingertips alone. I have had to use a small lever, such as a penknife, to get it out again. I had exactly the same problem with the first battery supplied.

The battery is dispatched from Germany. Order fulfillment was tardy. It took ten days from order payment just to dispatch it. The phone screen cleaner, originally advertised as packaged with the battery, was not supplied.

This has been my second poor experience with third-party Blackberry replacement batteries. A battery that cannot be trusted to power the phone when you may be miles from anywhere is worse than useless. I cannot recommend this battery (which wasn’t significantly cheaper than an authentic Blackberry battery), nor the vendor, and will not make the same mistake again. Next time, I’ll pay for an authentic Blackberry replacement battery. It’s cheaper in the long run. And safer.

Postscript :-

cellePhone dishonoured their promise (and Amazon obligation) to refund the return postage on the faulty original, despite several polite reminders and a scanned copy of the return postage receipt. The company has declined to comment or respond, and has refused several Amazon requests to honour the Amazon trading terms for marketplace sellers. Take care, if you choose to deal with this Germany-located trader on Amazon Marketplace.


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