About My Family



Frances and I were married in 1974. She is in the picture with our daughter Lindsay. Near the end of 2007, Frances was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease, a neurological disorder with no cure and no treatment. It results in progressive paralysis of the muscles, and is terminal. Some day I shall tell of the bravery and dignity with which she fought this cruel disease. We lost her on the 22nd January, 2011. She was the best person I ever knew.



This is our first born, Lindsay. She has been married to Dean since 2003. She graduated with honours from Roehampton in London, and now teaches in a small school in Kent.




This is our son, Alasdair, pictured at Lindsay’s wedding in 2003. He plays, and referees at, ice hockey, and also plays in a rock band.

Family History

One of my recreations is researching the origins and history of my family,  I task I have come to learn is never-ending. The combination of puzzle-solving and detective work and discovery is compelling. As stories emerge, I shall post them here, under the category ‘MacPhee Genealogy’.

My father, although born in Fraserburgh, was a Uist man, the family having returned there after the death of his mother when he was five years old. There is a high concentration of MacPhees in South Uist, and my line was one of those that survived the Clearances. My interest in his history and origins has come too late, sadly, to be able to ask him the questions about his life I now so dearly want to hear him answer, but a picture of his life and family is now emerging.

There are many lines that converge on his, of course, but those I am currently piecing together are the MacPhee and MacCormick lines from South Uist (in the Kilpheder area of the island), and on his mother’s side, the McDougall and Hay families from Aberdeenshire.

If your family trees look like they may intersect with mine, please don’t hesitate to drop me a note and get in touch.

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