Family History

MacPhee Family Tree

This will open in a new tab/window.  The pages are now hosted on the Rootsweb genealogy servers, which should prove more reliable than the web space hosts previously used.

These pages list the results of some of the extensive researches I’ve carried out in tracing my family history on my father’s side. His father’s family came from the island of South Uist, in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland. His mother’s family came from the Peterhead and Cruden areas of Aberdeenshire. The Hebrideans were crofting and farming people, whereas the Aberdeenshire side were mostly fishing folk and merchant seamen.  In each case, families lived in a fairly small area and in general stayed there for generations, with little travel.  The Great War was to change that, and my father’s parents, Donald MacPhee and Maggie Jane McDougall, were brought together around the end of the War, both of them having taken work in the shipbuilding industry that was then flourishing on the River Clyde in Glasgow.

As I find out more, I will add to these pages. If you are connected to any of the families listed, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Every piece of information, however small, adds to the picture, and is welcome.

I have also been researching the Lindsay side of the family tree, on my mother’s side, and will be preparing lists shortly, to appear on this page too. (5/7/14)



  1. I am interested in the McPhersons of Whinnyfold & Cruden

    • If any connexion appears between these families, I’ll make a point of mentioning it here. Many thanks for getting in touch.


  2. Hello! Are you aware of any connection between your branch of the Macphees and the Macphees who lived up in Colonsay? I took a trip up there this summer and there are some interesting Macphee artifacts, if you’re interested.

    • I haven’t yet found a connexion, as my branch so far have been clustered around Kilpheder in South Uist, and they’ve tended not to move far, unless it was the occasional migration to Canada. There do seem to be quite a few inter-cousin marriages, so it would be intriguing to know what artifacts you have found, please do let me know. Kind regards, Alex.

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